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At Shaner’s 24-Hour Towing, our goal is to provide our customers with the best towing, auto repair and tires in Central Illinois. We offer a wide variety of services to keep you on the road. We take pride in knowing that we are setting the standard for towing, recovery, hauling, transportation services, tires, and auto repair with honest, skilled, safe, and affordable work.

We stand on providing every call with reliability, knowledge, integrity, safety, and excellence. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency service, a fleet of towing trucks capable of handling every unique situation with efficiency and care, a team of auto repair experts with vast experience, a variety of new and used tire sizes, and some of the best prices in Central Illinois.

If you find yourself in a situation when you need our assistance, we look forward to serving you! 

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While towing a U-Haul trailer down I-72, my Trailblazer got a flat left rear tire. AAA dispatched someone from Shaner’s in Springfield to come and swap to my spare. While waiting, a semi-truck clipped the U-Haul destroying the left rear wheel and tire and breaking the rear axle mount. U-Haul also dispatched from Shaner’s. If I got the names right, Ken, who changed the tire, and Nate who loaded up the trailer and helped transfer the contents, were great! They made what was a bad day better with their willingness to help and over good attitude. It was a hot and humid day and we were on the side of the highway for most of it. A hearty thank you for the team at Shaner’s and especially Ken and Nate!
D. Rowan
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I recently spoke with the owner about some business together. He is very kind and cares about his clients. Don't hesitate to give Shaner's a call in your time of need.
M. Peeples
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They are quick and easy to deal with. PS- Thanks for getting me out of a major bind in under an hour at 5:00pm on a Friday evening.
A. Pearson
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My truck broke down along the road and they tried calling all over to find a place to fix it . And they will give you the shirt off their back to help you out . Great people to do business with you Thank you so much
K. Samuels
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Came fast, friendly, professional reasonably priced
M. Daughendaugh
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We are in town for work. I had to drive back the 3 hours to home to get my husband's medicine. On the way my tire blew out and I had no spare. Shaners was there immediately to assist me!! Very fast, reliable, friendly service!! And there price was amazing!! I was shocked when I got the bill (was expecting it to be hundreds of dollars) Thank you so much!!
S. Endris
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My Dodge Ram 2500 HD blew a transmission line with a 33 ft trailer attached with a 5000 pound load on it! No big deal to them at all! Handled it like a pro, then gave me a lift to get a rental car. Absolutely phenomenal service above and beyond what they had to do! Appreciate you guys very much!!
A. M. Dotson
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I almost became a driver for Shaners and can say they are very dependable, quick to respond and extremely friendly. I had an instance where I had a flat on my way back to their shop and I called and within 25 minutes their roadside assistance man was there and we were back on the road in 15 minutes.
C. Child
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Had about $1000 worth of items taken from my car. Shane was kind enough to call me back and walk me through the events from when he got there to tow the vehicle, as well as offer to let me view his security footage in his lot. Stand up move by him. Also, my car was in good shape when I had it towed and in the same exact shape when I picked it up. I recommend Shaners to anyone in town.
B. Roller
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Great people John Daily helped way above his job. I would definitely recommend this tow company.
A. Kreps
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Called for dead battery under AAA. Corey arrived in a timely manner. He was able to determine that the alternator was working appropriately, and he quoted a great price on a replacement battery. We just followed him to the shop where he had the new battery installed in about 10 minutes. Excellent! It was a nasty, cold April Sunday made great by great service! Thank you Corey!
T. Long
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I had a break down over this past weekend and was very happy about how humble the lady Heather was answering the phone was. She made sure my child and I had a ride and called me back a few times to check on us, she offered that she would come and get us off the side of the road. The driver was a young man unsure of his name but very pleasant. I do recommend this company.
B. Schroeder
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I came out to a flat tire at 6 at Paneras..Called Shaners and they were there within minutes and taken to Knox Knolls.Their prices are a little more affordable than others..I suggest you put Shaners in your phone memory.Quick and affordable service!
A. Spino
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They went out of their way on a holiday day to tow my semi truck work on till got ready for towing safely to their shop and let stay in my truck for the night. guys cool people thanks for the help
J. Nessler
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Kellie helped me with roadside service through AAA. She was excellent. She went above and beyond.
S. Boo
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My car broke down on the way back to Decatur from a bday party I had 4kids with me they saw us pulled over towed the car and called a second car to drive me and the kids to where our ride was coming A+ to them! Great people very nice never seen any better. They also let us pay the next day for towing. Super professional. I am a EMT And being stuck on the side of the road with kids is no joke! I appreciate them taking their time and care!
C. Cypert
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We were traveling through Illinois back to Texas and the cars' tire pressure light came on. We found Shaner's on Google maps, and stopped in thinking they'd have to either repair something or replace a tire and then charge us out-of-towners an arm and a leg. They were all so nice, and got us right in and back on the road in no time!
M. Maguire
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Popped a tire on the freeway outside Springfield. Via AAA, they towed me within 30 min and hooked me up with a used tire for $45 (seems reasonable to me)
M. Heaton
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I needed a jump start at the Road Ranger on Camp Butler Rd. I called and they arrived in less than 20 minutes. The service call was very reasonable and I'd call them again anytime.
S. Ilsley
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For my call the wait time was shorter than other places I called, the price was reasonable, and the young man that helped us out was very nice and competent.